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The Dictionary of Imaginary Places was originally published in 1980, with substantial updates in 1987 and 2000. There are over 1200 entries in the book, ranging from Middle-Earth to Narnia, Oz to Earthsea, Hogwarts to Neverwhere. Despite the wondrous variety available, I was disappointed to see so many locales left out, so much uncharted territory. So I have taken it upon myself to fill in the gaps, and invite you to do the same.

Only places a traveller could expect to visit:

  • No heavens or hells
  • No places in the future
  • None outside the planet earth
  • No pseudonymous places
Places that are still up for grabs include Pleasantville, Whoville, the Dark Tower, the City of Lost Children, and Honneamise. Before writing an entry, please contact me first to ensure that the locale has not already been printed in the book.

Each entry should be written in the manner of a travel book, including all pertinent information about history, geography, and points of interest. The Style Guide goes into further detail on this matter.

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This page is meant to be an online supplement only. I wish to make no infringements on the material presented in this wonderful book, nor is the information presented here meant to be a replacement. The Dictionary of Imaginary Places is still 2000 Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi. You can purchase a copy here if you wish.