FROSTBITE FALLS, a small town in the state of Minnesota, in Koochiching County, near to MOOSYLVANIA.

The town of Watchowee Falls is the nearest settlement to Frostbite Falls. Outside of the town, Sam Hill overlooks the entire area. Two nearby bodies of water are Veronica Lake and Lake Salle de Bain. The population of Frostbite Falls has been estimated as 23, 29, 31 1/2, 48, and 4001. Strangely, the local newspaper, the Frostbite Falls Picayune Intelligence, has a circulation of 47. Whatever the population, Frostbite Falls apparently has more television sets than people, yet only one automobile.

The main street of Frostbite Falls is known as the Great White Way, because it is snowed in for 11 months of the year. Institutions of Frostbite Falls include the Frostbite Falls Birdwatching and Pinochle Society and the Farmers' and Swineherds' National Bank. Frostbite Falls is also the location of the abandoned mansion Bleakly House. The main office of the Farmers' and Swineherds' National Bank has a portrait of the local hero Rocket J. Squirrel executed in dyed chicken feathers and bottle caps.

Cultural events include the three annual festivals: the Frostbite Falls Flower Fair and Plant Pageant, the Frostbite Falls Flotilla Festival and the Frostbite Falls Marble Shootout.

Since 1945, the headline of the Picayune Intelligence was 'Cold War Continues'. It is not known what the headline has been since 1991. The Picayune Intelligence is owned by a Colonel McCornpone.

The local government seems to consist of the Committee for Civic Improvement, which is capable of controlling sums of money as large as thirty-three dollars and fifteen cents, which they once used to purchase an automatic fortune-telling machine to forecast the weather. The fortune-telling machine now rests at the bottom of a nearby river.

Frostbite Falls is the home of the worldıs only mooseberry bush, mooseberry juice being a crucial ingredient in highly explosive fudge cake, which can also be used as rocket fuel powerful enough to reach the moon.

Frostbite Falls is the home of Bullwinkle J. Moose, hero, television personality, and hereditary governor of MOOSYLVANIA. Mr. Moose was born and raised in Frostbite Falls. In the winters, he serves as Frostbite Falls' snowplow.

(Rocky & His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show, created by Jay Ward, USA, 1959-1964)

MOOSYLVANIA, an island adjacent to the United States, in the Lake of the Woods somewhere between that country and Canada, near to FROSTBITE FALLS, Minnesota.

Moosylvania is an uninhabited, undeveloped land. The precise boundaries and details of the area have yet to be determined, because the soft marshy ground swallows surveyors and their equipment whole. During warm periods the temperature in Moosylvania has risen to twenty degrees below zero. Summer on the island lasts from late September to the middle of October. As a consequence, most of Moosylvania is frozen for most of the year, and is underwater during the brief summer.

All travel in Moosylvania is by birchbark canoe, though the island has a ten-thousand foot airplane runway. Only 18% of that runway is on solid ground, however, meaning that all flights to Moosylvania inevitably sink into the water.

Moosylvania has been pleading for statehood since the time of the American Revolution in 1776. Since then Moosylvania became controlled by a hereditary series of governors belonging to the Moose family. The island has been fought over by the United States and Canada, with Canada twice refusing to accept the territory as a gift, even with Lake Superior thrown into the bargain. Most recently, in 1962 a petition for statehood was delivered to Washington, D.C. by the governor, Bullwinkle J. Moose. Moosylvania remains an unincorporated territory. The would-be state's motto is Don't Tread On Me, and the state flower is the Moosylvanian flytrap, the only plant known to belch. On one occassion Moosylvania nearly sank into the sea, but it was saved by throwing ballast off the island.

Aside from the Moosylvanian flytrap, the only life native to the island are gigantic mosquitoes that terrorize the island during its brief summer.

The Moose Call, the territory's only newspaper, was published in 1962, consisting mainly of comic strips. Milton Fugg of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, is the Moosylvanian ambassador to the United States, a position he was granted when he mailed a self-addressed stamped envelope to Governor Moose.

The Moosylvania Territory is asking for 18 billion dollars and 4 cents in American aid, the four cents for the postage of the check. This would be for industrial development and the numerous planned civic improvements, and to build a highway that would enable people to drive through Moosylvania without stopping.

Moosylvania has no extradition treaties, taxes, traffic or laws. Travellers are advised that there are no other compelling reasons to visit to Moosylvania.

(Rocky & His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show, created by Jay Ward, USA, 1959-1964)

POTTSYLVANIA, a small country in Eastern Europe behind the former Iron Curtain.

Pottsylvania is an absolute dictatorship, with all power invested in the conveniently-named Fearless Leader. Pottsylvania appears to be entirely based around crime and subterfuge: the entire population of the country are saboteurs, spies, and secret agents.

Fearless Leader controls the nation through the use of the office of Central Control, through which he is able to spontaneously organize heavily-armed mobs of Pottsylvanians.

The culture of Pottsylvania reflects the central position of spying and villainry: publications include Bad Housekeeping, the Fireside Crook Book, Disguises for All Occasions, the Villains Handbook, and the Fireside Book of Fiendish Plots. Institutions of Pottsylvania include the University of Safe-Cracking (USC), the Pickpockets & Thieves Association (PTA), and the Pottsylvanian Eavesdropper, the world's only newspaper printed in disappearing ink. Pottsylvania is also the home of the Pottsylvanian Persuader, which consists of two pounds of dynamite stuffed into a one-pound bag with a very short fuse.

Notable flora and fauna of the country include the Pottsylvanian creeper, a man-eating plant that is revolted by acts of kindness, and the Pottsylvanian carrier pigeon, which may or may not be a vulture.

Pottsylvania is not recommended to tourists. All tourists to Pottsylvania inevitably find themselves imprisoned, though conveniently all diplomatic staff in the country also reside in prison. The borders of Pottsylvania are perpetually surrounded by mile-long lines of natives attempting to leave the country. It is not known how much Pottsylvania has changed since the fall of the Iron Curtain, except that in Pottsylvania the Iron Curtain was represented by a massive curtain, made of iron.

Traveling through Pottsylvania is not recommended either, as the country has only six miles of road, and these six miles are completely covered in a vast traffic jam caused by overproduction of Pottsylvanian automobiles.

Notable Pottsylvanians include: Natasha Fatale; Boris Badenov, the recipient of his country's highest honor, the Pottsylvanian Double Cross; and the highly-placed official Mr. Big, who was last seen in a spaceship destroyed by an exploding stadium full of robot mice.

(Rocky & His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show, created by Jay Ward, USA, 1959-1964)